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15 March 2011 @ 06:21 am
Title: Professor Paranoid (I Would Give it all to Not be Sleeping Alone)
Pairing: Max Adler/Darren Criss
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Brief mention of Max/OFC
Spoilers: None
Words: 8,300
Summary: When Darren shows up for a weekend at Max's, everything changes; there's no going back.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. (Read full disclaimer here.)
Notes: For a fic under 10k, I got to say... this mother wrecked me. I can't even deal with the amount of blood I put into this thing, who knows why it was so rough on me, but it's here now!!!1!(!!)! Written for tooursavior in the gleerpsx exchange. Huge props to snarkgasm, who listened to me ramble about this thing for weeks on end. Like, baby, what? Why... why did you not punch me? All lines that may slightly resemble those written by Ke$ha, eh, yeah... they probably were. Since apparently, she makes a lot of valid points when it comes to how Crissler exists in my headcanon.

Prompts used; Domestic bliss when they stay together over a weekend. Wearing eachothers shirts, kissing noses, lazy afternoon loving, relieving tension, romantic, real intimacy that isn't sex (although sex would be a bonus).

{Darren's silent for a moment, a moment that drags on forever, and Max's legs are getting weak as he waits, and waits, wishing life were like that one Adam Sandler movie, so he could just pause this moment, and never have to see what happens after it.}
07 March 2011 @ 01:06 pm
Title: Talk the Talk
Author: jett_black8803
Recipient: quackaquacka
Rating: NC-17
Words: 14,700
Pairing(s): Cory/Chris
Summary: A conversation with Mark leads Cory to try something with Chris that he's never done. And they fail at it. Spectacularly. Several times. But they eventually get it right.
Warnings: This fic contains phone sex, so I'm not sure if I should warn for things mentioned or not, but just in case, there is talk of moderate submission, come play and fisting, but none of those things actually occur.
Notes: Long author's note is long... First thing: to quackaquacka, I have no idea how your list of prompts turned into this and I'm very sorry if this is not at all to your liking. I'll write you another one if that's the case I swear. This was just the idea my brain latched onto and I ran with it. Also, I hope the brief mention of fisting does not qualify as one of the hardcore level kinks that squick you. I debated very strongly about taking it out, but with the tone of the story it felt necessary, so I left it. But I figured since there was no actual fisting going on that I was safe yeah?

Secondly, this fic totally ate my brain and just refused to freaking end. It currently sits at almost 15k words and that's after I cut out about 9k that I just couldn't make work and knew I couldn't finish by the March 15th deadline. I am thinking about finishing those missing scenes and posting them as like outtakes or something, so if you want to see that let me know.

Oh yeah, an it's an AU and I had to play with their ages some to make it work. Chris is now 3 years younger than Cory and Mark instead of eight. Right, so that's about it... hope you enjoy!

Cory wasn’t sure how he’d gotten himself into this situation, but he was pretty sure it was Mark’s fault.Collapse )
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Title: One Note of Cheesy 80's Music Away from Some Kind Of Wonderful
Author: emo_chick_87
Recipient: rainbow_gleek
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1772
Pairing(s): Mark/Chris
Genre: Romance/Angst
Summary: Someone from the past changes Chris' future.
Warnings: boy kissing
Notes: Obvious disclaimer is obvious. But this is nothing more than a fever dream, never happened and all that.

( The moment he walked through the swarming throng of fans, he knew this guy meant trouble for him. )
Title:Come on get higher, loosen my lips
Author: nork_ftw
Rating: hmm, I'd guess a light R?
Words:4,424[most I've written ever i think]
Pairing(s):Lea Michele/Dianna Agron
Summary:Lea lets out a tired sigh; all she originally wanted to do was go home, cuddle up with Dianna and just chill. Damn, when did their lives get so normal?
Warnings: first time writing Glee RPS
Disclaimer: Complete and total fiction,don't own nothing.
Notes:Beta'ed by the lovely icerose92 This was way longer then I thought it would be and I hope I didn't break any rules for making an OC because they weren't in it for long. The story wrote it's self honestly, first thing I've written in a very long time and I'm proud of it. The dress I thinly reference here is this one. This is painfully AU, and Lea centric and not purposely and I'm so surprised at how fluffy it is because i'm not a very fluffy person IRL lol :3 I took a little bit of everything prompts and I wanted to incorporate them all somehow and I hope you can tell and enjoy it :) title from the Matt Nathanson song and cut text from the Spill Canvas song Lullaby

I was constructed for you and you were molded for meCollapse )
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01 March 2011 @ 06:39 pm
Title: Nowhere But Up
Author: tooursavior
Recipient: preferthemoss
Rating: NC-17
Words: 8685
Pairing(s): Max Adler/Darren Criss, with a very quiet side of background Lea Michele/Dianna Agron.
Summary: "You and Max." Chris folds his arms and says, "I haven't ever really had a boyfriend, but - I know what crushing madly on someone looks like." // Darren doesn't even realise it when it happens. It just does, and there's not a thing he can do about it.
Warnings: Sexual content.
Notes: This doesn't have as much language and content as I think would've been wanted, but this monster ran away from me. I hope it's still good enough.

Mods, I wasn't sure how to do the participant tag? D: But I was too eager and wanted to get this posted. So. Sorry since I've probably done it wrong. ._. Here we go!


Read more...Collapse )
01 March 2011 @ 12:30 pm
Posting of gifts will officially start now, and end on March 15th (unless outstanding circumstances have already been cleared with myself or another mod). Please pay notice to the posting guidlines in the entry below this one.

We thank you so much for participating in this round, and sincerely hope that everyone had fun!
15 February 2011 @ 03:46 pm
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Assignments may be posted anytime between March 01 - March 15. Please put your recipient's name in the subject line of your post, and tag with the appropriate participant and rating tags. A moderator will add in character/pairing tags for you.

When posting, please be sure to have a minimum of a title, rating, pairing and summary in your fic header. You may use a variation of the following if you are at all confused.

Good luck on the rest of the month, Gleeks!
31 January 2011 @ 10:24 pm
Assignments have now been sent all to all participants. If you did not receive an email from gleerpsx@hotmail.com, please check your junk/spam folder and set us to 'safe', or your server's variation of. If you still have not received an email to any of your account's folders, please leave a comment here to let us know, and we will ensure that you receive it as soon as possible.

If you have any issues with your assignment, please let us know. Likewise, this is the time and place to ask any outstanding questions that you may have.

Posting details will be provided on the check-in date of February 15th.

Good luck writing!
21 January 2011 @ 11:19 pm
Signups for round one are now open. Please ensure you've read the rules before choosing to participate.

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